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By becoming a conference sponsor you will support the continued development and strengthening of an international network of experts studying the impacts of climate and coastal eco-system change in the Caribbean region. This region is recognized as one of the most vulnerable regions to the effects of climate change and sea level rise. By assisting in bringing together this group of international experts you will make a contribution to a better understanding of climate change and eco-system impacts and help the region make informed decisions on preventive and mitigation strategies. This holds in particular for serious threats such as i) the decline of coral reef-, seagrass- and mangrove forest systems in relation to coastal defense, ii) the mitigation of the impact of locally alarming coastal erosion, and iii) the eutrophication of coastal zone waters, which contributes, along with the effects of climate change, to the increased risk of harmful algal blooms.

Jointly, these threats play an important part in the economic and environmental future of the Caribbean region.

Expected conference benefits and spin-off

The conference will provide participants with up to date knowledge of and insight in coastal dynamics and marine and terrestrial ecosystem change of Caribbean coastal zones. Conference participants will benefit from the access to a high level network of internationally renowned experts in Earth System Science in its broadest sense. The conference proceedings will provide a state of the art insight in the latest scientific understanding of the Caribbean Coastal system and the forces shaping it. Becoming part of this network will offer excellent opportunities gain insight in the region’s challenges and opportunities to address them and to shape future joint research efforts for the Caribbean region. The conference is expected to facilitate and stimulate structured research collaboration between scientists and stakeholders involved as well as provide a bridge between research and policy makers.

The Bonaire Conference 2016 has in part been made possible by a gracious grant from the KNAW (The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences).

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